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these pattern PDFs are not visible on-line as have been expired on wonkyzebra.etsy.com as not sold in the listing period.

WonkyZebra 010 Misc Items 4456


Vintage Crochet Knitting 010 PDF Misc Items Patterns from WonkyZebra

A useful little bazaar leaflet with a good selection of useful crochet and knitted items (well, nearly all of them)!

You might want to lose the pompom on the beanie, but I understand hand crocheted ties are making a come back…

The striped cushion is actually described as “a kneeler” so… that is the school, the church, and the old folks home bazaars all catered for…

The “Cornish Pastie” slippers actually stretch and fit rather comfortably, don’t be fooled by their weird appearance uninhabited…

A mixture of DK and four-ply wool (worsted and sport weight)

This listing is for a PDF but the original pattern is available – please contact WZ ( sales AT wonkyzebra.com )  if interested.

Items:- childs beanie (bulky) , slippers (DK), cushion or kneeler (oddments), tie (4ply), tea and egg cosies (DK), pot holder (bulky), hot water bottle cover (DK), babies’ hot water bottle cover (4ply), crotchet bag (DK)

WonkyZebra 026 Yellow Mans Cardigan 1197


Mans Cardigan Vintage Knitting Pattern 026 from WonkyZebra

Size 38,40,42 inch chest. Length from shoulder to lower edge 24 / 25 inches. Sleeve seam 18inches (adjustable).

A possibly quite wearable zip front cardigan, with very useful and unusual zip pockets – no need for a manbag for his wallet and iPhone. You may want to lose the shawl collar.

Bag and front both worked with a 60 stitch cable panel pattern (two on the bag, one each side of front). This is not charted, actual knitting instructions for each row are given, sleeves and plain bits are knitted in “continental stocking stitch” which is a twisted stocking stitch i.e. one row knit into back of stitches, next row purl.

Priced as 1950’s vintage 6d


WonkyZebra 028 Emu StoryTime Elephant


028 Emu StoryTime Knitted Amigurumi Elephant

Here is a sweet knitted elephant, very simply knitted in flat garter stitch pieces, with a little shaping. You could easily work in the round, amigurumi style, and pick up stitches for the limbs as well if you are sewing-up-adverse!

This elephant is part of a set of six nostalgic circus toys extracted from an “Emu Story Time” booklet. The booklet comes with simple colouring pictures (the elephant one is included with this pattern); an early “make along toy pattern”.

You are supposed to read the words and (magically?) make the toys to go with it. As the story is minimal I suspect it was  used as a desperate maternal bribery attempt to get 10 minutes peaceful knitting time.

Other patterns from the book will be available as separate $2 listings. They are Clown, Fox, Bunny Family, Pig Family and a set of little people. Contact WZ ( sales @ WonkyZebra.com ) if you would like one, or the whole set (for a $5 deal) and I’ll list it for you .


WonkyZebra 032 Really Cute Sun Suit 257


Vintage Knit Pattern 032 Sun Suit with Elephant from WonkyZebra

Sizes to fit 1 to 3 year olds (approx) see below*

A really cute sun suit; with a matching cardigan to cover up with if it gets chilly- (that will be an English beach they’re on then!)

And that sweet vintage style, elephant has a moss stitch ear that flaps… and is holding a real bell in his trunk- how adorable is that?

This would work well in cotton, although the pattern is for wool. It’s worth having, even just for the elephant motif!

* actual measurements

22″ or 24 inches at chest, sleeve 7.5″ to 8.5inches

length of sun suit 14inches to 16″Sun suit


WonkyZebra 014 Tea and Coffee Pot Cosies 1797

014 3 Vintage Knitted Tea and Coffee Pot Cosies from WonkyZebra

Gorgeous and unusual set of a coffee pot and two teapot cosies ; Kitsch, Vintage and Retro looks all on one leaflet.

Model A – a kitsch crinoline takes DK about 6oz / 150g in three colours + scrap

Model B – a retro coffee cozy  takes approx 6oz / 150g in three colours

Model C – a classic vintage look with an unusual sweet floral finish takes 50+g /2oz main colour and small amounts of three contrast colours.

Sorry knitting needles are just photo props, not included.


WonkyZebra 015 Three Tea Cosies 1609


Vintage Knitting Pattern 015 Three Tea Cosies 1605 from WonkyZebra

Sorry people: some great, but totally non-PC, 1930’s “gay, golliwog” vintage tea cosies from “Bestway”.

That aside it is quite a nifty idea for putting a head on top of a cosy, should you want one, without using a doll.

The “ multicoloured cosy” is an easy form of slip stitch knitting and the “bell cozy” is formed from rows of fluted bell shapes often used as edgings.

Amounts vary from “4 balls of 3/4oz each”, “several small balls” and “1and 1/4oz, plus a few yards of each colour; 19 were used”- not clear if 19 yards or 19 colours (gay indeed) !

Pattern recommends size 10UK (3 US, M 3.25) needles, and 3ply wool (finer then sportweight). Obviously you could use thicker yarn and get a larger cosy, or use less stitches!


WonkyZebra 049 Bonnet and Mitts  B911


Vintage Knitting Pattern Fair Isle Bonnet and Mitts 049 from WonkyZebra

A sweet skating  hat and mitts;  as made  popular by the famous Norwegian  Olympian ice skater and 30’s Hollywood  movie starlet Sonja Henie!

Not sure why she is posed with skis – unless they’re giant knitting needles!

This would go well with the similar child size version also listed.

Originally worked in green red yellow and blue, on a white background. Oh my!

No size is given ( she looks quite petite) – so  bit of a leap of faith – how exciting.

However tension is given ( on no 10 needles) as

“8st to the inch (32st to 10cm) to  give an average size”.

There is the implication you adjust the size by changing needle size.


WonkyZebra 055 Childs Dressing Gown and Bedsocks 22


Vintage Knit Pattern 055 Delightful Dressing Gown

An absolutely gorgeous little dressing gown, with an unusual and delightful star shaped collar, and cute little pompom ( pom pon ) bedsocks.

Just right for all your little angels or wizards (looks like this little poppet is already practicing with her dolly).

This would make a charming and pretty short jacket too. (With or without the pompoms.)

Probably has some mileage for fancy dress costumes too, even just the collar added to something else.


WonkyZebra 074 3teacosies 3650


Vintage Knit Pattern PDF 074 3 Chunky Tea Cosies

3 gorgeous texture vintage tea cosies from Bestway ( probably 1950’s )

A great way to practice textures with rib and bobble patterns ; by the time you have made one, you will become quite accomplished in forming that particular stitch.

The cover says “chunky” but actual tension is given as 16 by 24 on number 4 (uk) needles to 10cm (4inches), so not very thick.


WonkyZebra 012 Two Funky Dolls A2610


Vintage Knitting Pattern 012 Two Funky Dolls from WonkyZebra

These interesting new charactors look like the ancestors of today’s weird dolls.

Knitted on size 10 (uk) needles and with double knit (worsted) wool the small doll in simple garter stitch is approx 15inches, the large doll is knitted with finer 3ply wool and uses double moss stitch and stocking stitch and comes out at 20”

The pattern for the faces is given for you to trace but to be honest; you may want to skip theirs and do your own. LOL

Listing for PDF only, sorry, any other props are not included!


WonkyZebra 033 Lacey Gloves 1962


Vintage Crochet Pattern 033 Lacey Gloves

Go On. Get in touch with your inner lady; make these beautiful crocheted gloves for summer. They’ll be great for completing your whole vintage or retro look.

These gloves are not too complex and the scale of the lace makes them quite quick to crochet. My tip; like socks it is best if you work on left and right simultaneously – bit by bit, that way you get the same tension on each as you go – in case it varies a little next time you pick up the work.

Also you stand a better chance of finishing the whole pair instead of one and  an “I’ve-lost-interest” half pair.

ps I have LOADS of similar glove patterns, including mens cotton gloves. If you would like to see others, contact WZ ( sales AT WonkyZebra.com ) and I will send you some pictures, I’m working on processing them all – it takes a while…


WonkyZebra 036 Flipperty Flops 848


Vintage Knitted Pattern 036 Flipperty Flops

A bunny family – what fun!

Well, someone had fun with this photo shoot; and don’t the bunnies all look like they are amused too!

They have a really pleasant retro look – and make a nice change from all the other bunnies out there at the moment.

The clothes are knitted on but you could quite easily knit them nekked and add your own clothing.

Interestingly, the features are knitted as you go in an intarsia or fairisle technique. You could skip this and embroider them afterwards but it does give a nice effect, especially as they are such pleasant faces. Sometimes vintage knit bunnies are quite unpleasantly fierce or cross-eyed (see our other vintage bunny listing)!


WonkyZebra 058 Jubilee Red White Blue


Vintage Knit Pattern 058 Red White and Blue Toy

This should keep you busy for any patriotic occasion!

Cute little vintage toys revamped by Patons, for the jubilee (Queen Elizabeth II, 1977)… How about these with all the Royal wedding celebrations due soon in the UK?

Plus included is a bonus child’s cardigan with patriotic red, white and blue trim – great for at least 3 countries WZ can think of, and an embroidered outline pattern of a Grenadier Guard Soldier.

The classic teddy is from many Patons pattern collections – with a removable set of patriotic clothing; dungarees, jacket boots and a scarf. (It would be easy to adapt the dungaree top to any flag, or indeed make it plain – “Jeans” cotton would be nice).

Ted comes with a doll guardsman- also a refugee from those “Bazaar“ booklets. His clothing is “knitted on” but he would make a great, simple, doll base, knitted in just skin colour. Both are about 16 inches tall.

There is also a template for the guardsmen (soldiers) appliqué shapes on the bin and an embroidery chart for one with the girl’s cardigan.


WonkyZebra 076 Retro Boudoir Glamour 7749


Vintage Knit Crochet Pattern PDF 076 Retro Boudoir Glamour

Two pretty bedsocks a mule style slipper (in crochet) and a fancy lace up sofa sock !

View A in pink could be worn as a day sock with its lace turned down cuff.

WZ has noticed this pattern appears to be an older version of Sirdir 2233 (see other listing)

View A and B are repeated in that one, along with a real retro granny slipper. So you may wish to base your choice on that info.

If you want the other one, at half price, when you buy this one, just contact WZ first please, and we will sort the listing out for you..


WonkyZebra 032 Really Cute Sun Suit 257


Vintage Knit Pattern 032 Sun Suit with Elephant

Sizes to fit 1 to 3 year olds (approx) see below*

A really cute sun suit; with a matching cardigan to cover up with if it gets chilly- (that will be an English beach they’re on then!)

And that sweet vintage style, elephant has a moss stitch ear that flaps… and is holding a real bell in his trunk- how adorable is that?

This would work well in cotton, although the pattern is for wool. It’s worth having, even just for the elephant motif!

* actual measurements

22″ or 24 inches at chest, sleeve 7.5″ to 8.5inches

length of sun suit 14inches to 16″Sun suit


WonkyZebra 047 Cropped Jacket 1392


Vintage Knitted Cropped Jacket 047 1392

Here’s a simple but stylish chunky knit jacket or “Bomber Top”, with or without a hood and seasonal banding.

Go for the full retro look with Fairisle banding (not too much, or too difficult, see the chart photo), or even easier, just make it plain.

Easy “mindless” knitting to snuggle up with for winter evening TV sessions! No offence intended (but sometimes a project that grows quickly with no brain ache is just what you need to relax.).

Size 32” to 40” (81 to 102cm) bust.

Knit on 5, 6and 6.5mm needles (uk  6,4,3)

Also needed; an open ended zip 16inch(41cm) for hooded version, 18” (46cm) no hood version.

You could of course work a button band if you prefer.

Takes 11 to 12 balls approx Patons Husky Chunky wool, tension given is 15stitches by 20rows to 4inches (10cm) on No6(uk4) needles.


WonkyZebra 046 Poodle K2577


Poodle and Baby Blanket knitting pattern 046

Two really sweet baby blankets and a fabulously retro poodle toy that big people will love too.

I have some of this wool – see the picture – it looks like a dense boucle, but is incredibly light.

As you can see it gives a tight curly texture, and was a very popular yarn. Someone had a sense of humour to create a poodle toy with yarn called poodle, because it looks like poodle fur!

To get the same effect you need a light weight boucle yarn knitted to a tension of 16 stitches and 24 rows over 4inches (10cm) on number 5mm (uk6) (us8) needles.

A very easy pattern, they even give instructions for pom-pom balls. The instructions for the loopy stitch for the poodle is shown in the last photograph, so you can see how to do it.

The white flowers are crocheted, instructions for them are included.


WonkyZebra 027 Tea Egg Cosies 58


Tea and Egg Cosies Knit and Crochet Pattern 027

A great double bill, one knitted and one crocheted tea cosy; and a supporting cast of an egg cosy and nest!!!

Staring the ubiquitous tea cosy and it’s supporting partner egg cosy; knitted in two (preferably clashing ) colours.  Staring with a crochet cosy, with big hair and it’s matching “nest”, for those who don’t use one, the nest is like a tea cosy/coaster combo for the bottom of the pot, just in case an iota of heat escapes onto your cold worktop…!

The green loop confection around the top of the crocheted cosy is added afterwards, personally I would just leave it off, for a really sweet neat shape.

This pattern dates from the late 1950’s – from the Greenock Scotch wool shop which then became Bellman’s (now also sadly vanished from the British High Street).

I wish I had the pattern for the sweet jumper advertised on the back cover, what a beautiful picture.


WonkyZebra 070 Teacosy Bed Socks 1670


Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF 070 Tea cosy and Bed Socks

Another crochet “bazaar” set.

A nostalgic set to cuddle up with on a cold day.

A frilly cosy and two different bedsocks ( his and hers ? love the blue/pink colour coding…)

All three very simple crochet.

Recommended hook no6 and no8 (uk)

Pattern says approx 3oz of DK (worsted) wool for each item.


WonkyZebra 132 Egg Cover Cosies 2245


Vintage Knit Crochet 132 PDF Egg Cover Cosies

Cute and quick idea for Easter – a fun way to hide some eggs- real or chocolate ones!

There is a lot of scope for ‘stash busting’ and customizing here. Don’t be put off by the “ po faced ” Chicken- I’m sure yours will look happier!

(Especially with a couple of frilly wings added! I will put some idea with the PDF.)


About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at http://wonkyzebra.etsy.com
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