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WonkyZebra 281 Vintage Reindeer Sweater 1661

WonkyZebra 281 Vintage Reindeer Sweater 1661

A lovely vintage 1950s knitting pattern PDF for the winter weather and Christmas time.

This “Norwegian Sweater” is full of retro flavour and quite a simple knit with full pictorial charts for the pattern and reindeer motif.

The reindeer on its own will be great for all sorts of seasonal uses, as a patch, pin cushion or on any other knitted garment; or even for use in cross-stitch embroidery.


WonkyZebra 282 Crocheted 60s Suit 8906

WonkyZebra 282 Crocheted 60s Suit 8906

A patten for a crochet vintage 1960’s suit. Super wearable, super easy to make and very “mad men” style elegant. Emailed to you in PDF format.

The jacket or skirt would make useful wardrobe additions on their own as well. Imagine the cardigan jacket in a textured yarn and the skirt with a soft blouse for comfortable, but elegant, sixties glamour at work maybe!


WonkyZebra 283 Gauntlets 3803

WonkyZebra 283 Gauntlets 3803

A vintage 1940s knitting pattern for some really lovely gloves, or gauntlets, with deep cuffs. One pair has a beautiful flared shaped cuff with inset moss (seed) stitch ribs and one pair a frilled cuff made in simple crocheted lace (but you could of course use a knitted lace stitch).The others have an all over simple but detailed texture.

Good for showing off your knitting, ideal for period dramas or re-enacting and great for just keeping warm!

The pattern itself is a charming thing-each page has a heading with a useful admonishing statement or basic advert, such as;

“Start right by using the wool recommended!”
“Patons super crepe-stylish fabric!”
“Right wool, correct tension – success!”
“Patons super crepe – all wool, well built!”

NB. This was in a really teeny tiny font-so even enlarged to A4 it is still only about 1 0 point- although you can print to larger size on larger sheets.

WonkyZebra 284 Hostess Gown FK73

WonkyZebra 284 Hostess Gown FK73

A 1970s vintage crochet pattern PDF for a seventies long gown; or “hostess gown”.

A simple cosy long a-line shape with subtly flared sleeves, very cosy for lounging around at home in.

It is upgraded to “hostess gown” by the pretty crochet medallion embellishments (which incidentally would work into a pretty shawl or blanket).

Shell edging and tasselled zip front closure make this a seventies classic.

Personally I think the tassel is overkill with the medallions, but either would look nice.

NB this garment has a particularly nice set in sleeve construction. Just the top half, on its own, would make into a fabulous cardigan or jacket.


WonkyZebra 285 4hats 1219

WonkyZebra 285 4Hats 1219

A knitting and crochet 1970s vintage PDF pattern for four lovely vintage seventies hats (2 knit, 2 crochet) for “the average head”..

All of these are easy and quick to make – I used to make the beret in an evening.

A really useful and wearable set, made in a chunky Patons Husky – “a thick but light, knits up very quickly” wool yarn.

The tensions given are;
15 st x 20 rows to 4”(10cm) on no4 (UK)needles (x USA metric)
Beret-6st and 2rows to 2” (5cm) on hook 6.00 (metric)(4 old UK) ,( xUS)
Cap: 6 half trebles (UK) (half dc USA) stitches = 2”(5cm) on hook 5.5 (metric)(5 old UK),( xUS)


WonkyZebra 286 Black and Gold Crochet Bikinis

WonkyZebra 286 Black and Gold Crochet Bikinis

A Vintage PDF Crochet Bikini Pattern for two itsy bitsy (very) teeny weeny cotton bikinis ( and a “pouche” for sunglasses ) !

Good news for a super quick result from minimal materials for sun worshipers in a hurry- but please note that these bikinis have very minimal shaping, on both cups and bottoms.

The black one relies on gathers to shape the cups; but the gold one has NO “3D” shape at all.

Unless you are an AA cup (or really do want a very teeny look!) I would put a little shape in “for comfort and safety”.

I have explained an easy way of doing this in the pattern – which is also reformatted for easy printing and reading.


WonkyZebra 287 Orange Suit FK73

WonkyZebra 287 Orange Suit FK73

A crochet pattern PDF for a gorgeous retro skirt suit.

The front buttoned bodice and sleeves are worked as one in a lace stitch; the full sleeves, gathered into deep buttoned cuffs, echo the matching deep midriff band.

A deep, peplum or basque falls open and sits over the matching skirt.

Glorious! Feminine and flattering for all sorts of semi formal occasions..

or just make the lovely skirt!

the Etsy listing is for emailed PDF of the vintage 1970s pattern.

Thank you for this fabulous mention


WonkyZebra 288  Take It Easy Dress

WonkyZebra 288 Take It Easy Dress

A knitting pattern Vintage PDF for a cute Aran style sleeveless dress from the seventies.

This would look great shorter as a tunic over trousers (pants), or even as a tank top.

The bobble pattern is easy ( instruction given ) and very effective in a rustic-meets-space-age sort of way!

Great for cold weather layering- town or country…


WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions 2244

WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions 2244

A vintage 1970s PDF of a Crochet Pattern for some lovely retro cushions; circular, granny square, circle in a square, and even just stripes!

Save yourself the trouble of working out a pattern for these simple, but effective, retro cushions!

You could finish one almost as quickly as the time it takes to decide on yarns from your stash!

If you like these you may also like these crochet cushions; 201, 247, 249 and some afghan blankets 195, 190, 224, 234, 262, 257, 140 & 144.

WonkyZebra 290 Trousers Mini Dress 31

WonkyZebra 290 Trousers Mini Dress 31

A PDF crochet vintage 1970s pattern for a stunning tunic and trousers- or pantsuit from the sixties.

This gorgeous tunic would look great over any trousers or pants; it really could go to work, out afterwards, and be worn casually over the weekend… great for any busy girl!

The trousers are a good shape and also very wearable.

Go on – you know you want this in your wardrobe!

Easy and quite quick –it is mainly basic treble (US double) crochet; the lace is worked down from the main garment-so easy to adjust.

About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at
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