No pictures today – but some unhappy words from WonkyZebra.

No pictures today- but some unhappy words from WonkyZebra.

We have recently had several people using images provided by this blog to sell the patterns in their own shop. Whilst this is very flattering it is a bit frustrating to see someone else benefit from my efforts – without so much as a please or thank you – let alone any credit.

I am not referring to bloggers, students, and fellow enthusiasts using the images for happy purposes-more about that below.

Some images here are just good clear scans – but some are very intensively retouched and represent lots of time spent on them; plus all the words are my own. If I could I would provide all this free – I love to share my pattern collection, but – WonkyZebras have expenses like everyone else!

I do give away free patterns matching those bought in type and amounts –with all my sales; as well as advice and help – with lots of emailing and even making of samples.

However recently I have been subject to some extremely unpleasant experiences with buyers on Etsy – buying in the Etsy shop and then reselling the patterns on Etsy, Craftsy and Ebay using my words, images and hard work!.

This is bad enough – but the amazing aggression of the last, evil, person (persons?) once she was caught out and denied 20 patterns… you – seriously – would not believe. Had we lived nearby I would have been frightened she would turn up on the doorstep, loaded for bear! It was weird – like calling a policeman to complain a householder had prevented you from breaking in! And –by the way- would he give you the cash to recompense for the items you were unable to steal!

Having spent the last couple of weeks wading through all this filth and jumping through the Etsy and Paypal  hoops generated by her disputes, claims, and cases (that sounds like the assault course it felt like) I am now – belatedly- putting the logo on the images – so I feel that they will perhaps use their own images instead, now mine will require work anyway to remove the logo.

If any genuine person would like to use any images – link to – write about –research …  any pattern, then just contact me and I will happily help. I have all the originals to refer to – and many, many more besides. Already a few blogs, magazines and students have used them – so do ask away. I just, regretfully, no longer wish to be a sitting duck for these scammers, who are beneath contempt.

I would urge anyone considering purchase of any duplicate to one in my shop to ask me for the name of the rogues; there are many other genuine collector / sellers, many of whom I am in contact with, who have the same patterns. Buy away from them as you like – but please make sure you do not support the aggressive, shameless scammers.



About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at
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