A summer postcard from WonkyZebra

A summer postcard from WonkyZebra : although WonkyZebra is not actually away, so all these are available from the Etsy shop. Or just contact Wonky (at) WonkyZebra.com

WonkyZebra 077 Lace Bikini
This is not as saucy a bikini as it looks to be at first, WZ077 is a great shape and quick to make – plus it gives interesting tan lines!

WonkyZebra 077 Lace Bikini       WonkyZebra 077 Lace Bikini  WonkyZebra 077 Lace Bikini
It has put me in the mood for a holiday bikini blog to show off some crochet lovelies. So many all so different… but… there are only so many ways you can get a hemisphere covered with a piece of fabric…
…and crochet is one of the best ways around that problem (and also knitting I will concede)! As far as I can see bikini top patterns tend to fall into one of 2 construction categories (well, 3 if you include those that cheat and just cover with a flat bit – the bandeaux). At the most basic there are the “round and around” – or “put a dart in it” methods.
So you can see the above lovely WZ077 belongs in the “R&R” category.
As do these starting with a little French Mon Tricot number..

WZ100 WonkyZebra 100 French green bikini  Also with interesting panties..

WonkyZebra 081 Jaeger Bikini 4637   WZ 081 is real 80’s babe wear.

It includes a matching cover-up dress – (I am amazed that this dress still somehow conveys the 80s power dressing big shoulder, look even in limp crochet mesh!)

WZ168 is actually the precursor for WZ081-

WonkyZebra 168 Vogue Bikini  Here it is looking glam.

It has proper panties unlike the WZ81 skimpy high cut ones – and it is a shame there is no back view as they have fab curvy shaping great for real bottoms! It would be possible to get the best of both worlds by making them slightly less deep on the hip…
Here are 2 rather more modest incarnationsWZ322 and WZ315 –

WonkyZebra 322 Crochet Bikini and Jacket  WonkyZebra 315 Dress and Bikini 964
and both have pretty cover-ups; a lace maxi coat for 322 and a lace dress for 315

Then of course there are the really retro “pointy” versions

WZ354  WonkyZebra 354 Yellow Crochet Bikini  Yea!

WZ355 WonkyZebra 355 Bikini and Jacket 26 (I have a few Sirdar patterns in this “art style”-with a looming half naked man as a backdrop!!)

and downright mad versions –

WonkyZebra 402 Not for Swimming Bikini 60

WZ402 is so full of fun and comes with almost literally a  cherry on top!

I think you could leave off the “nipple flower”… or maybe not – the whole point of it is it is just mad (sorry another unintended double entendre there).

So rounding up these (sorry just realised the pun honest! Must be my brain today) plus leading nicely into the other type , is fab pattern WZ137

WonkyZebra 137 Fishnet Bikini 6233

I still love this multi pattern – even though annoyed my version was ripped off to be sold (for more!) on ebay – and etsy. grr. I have never seen another copy of this until that happened – although I know there must be hundreds. So that was an unpleasant experience to have my nice version pinched – in such a nasty way – but I suppose at least it will get enjoyed by more people – hopefully! It really is a great pattern.

It has both styles of bikini top, plus 2 different bottoms, 2 cover-ups AND 2 dinky little beach bags! It really is 2 full patterns in one. The “dart in it” top is also a halter neck –which seem to be less common than ones with straps.
Just a quick halter neck detour here to show these two pretty blue bikinis
One crochet,

WonkyZebra 075 blue bikini and hat   WonkyZebra 197 AT Turquoise Bikini One knitted,

both very seventie. They’re from two different publications by Woolworth – but clearly linked. Maybe there was a lot of demand for one to make in the other skill?
So back to “put a dart in it” with a vengeance. WZ006 is crocheted flat and then literally folded into a dart just like fabric! A little redundant on technique but actually not a bad solution for fitting a fuller bust properly. If you make one you could easily make a 3d shape to match on your second one by just omitting the dart stitches 🙂

WonkyZebra 006 c83

Here are some more – all shaped with decreases or increases to follow the fullness of the bust. I prefer this done under the bust – although it can be done on the upper part of the cup. I didn’t buy any like that ‘though. I think it can look a bit “hammock like”. Just my opinion. Although – contradicting myself –I just remembered this top WZ278 which is part of a shorts set (more on shorts later). It has both under and over bust point shaping – another variation good for a full bust.

 WonkyZebra 278 Crochet Bikini Set  WZ278

As is this, WZ136 is a beautiful bikini – not helped by the naff photo and naffer “jacket”.

WonkyZebra 136 Crochet Beach Set 2108  WZ136

WZ352 also has a forgettable jacket but great shaping

WonkyZebra 352
As do WZ185 and WZ 219 – but with good cover ups this time.

WonkyZebra 185 white mesh bikiniWZ185  WonkyZebra 219 WZ219

The next few are really nice, especially for smaller sizes, all from Mon Tricot magazines.

 WonkyZebra 383 Openwork Bikini and Tunic Top WZ383   WonkyZebra 217 gold zigzag bikini WZ217

WonkyZebra 098 french striped bikini WZ098 WonkyZebra 099 white bikini   WZ099

The last 2 have interesting stitch variations which make a change from plain stitches.

They include this teeny weeny knit one WZ317 (with an unfortunate leopard on the panties  rather spoiling the minimal effect)!

WonkyZebra 317 Embroidered Bikini  WZ317

Some also do the equivalent of 2 darts – almost a side panel – with an under bust shaping curving around to one side. WZ089 is like this

WonkyZebra 089 Woolworths Knitting Bikinis  WZ089  WonkyZebra 089 Woolworths Knitting Bikinis yellow WZ089
and any of the “3 granny square” ones worked like this too.
WonkyZebra 302 Bikini and Sun Dress B bikini  WZ302

The next two give more cup coverage WZ043 is knitted – very sixties, giving an interesting “suspended breast” effect. This has been quite popular and actually would be great for adapting as  a burlesque top or, the other extreme, depending on your mo0d, a sleep bra!

WonkyZebra 043 Patons Promise Bikini WZ043 WonkyZebra 221 WZ221

WZ221 has an unusual cup construction; it is a plunge shape, but gives an almost bandeau effect because of the stitch patterning. Great if you want support and cover but a light look.

This last one leads me neatly on to “bandeau style tops”. The first two from Twilleys, Barbara Warner Collection, both have shapely bandeaux along side classic sixties v/plunge tops; so good patterns if you are undecided or like both styles

WonkyZebra 018 AT Yellow Bikinis C857 WZ018  WonkyZebra 004 c855 WZ004

The next four are just bandeau, but apart from the sporty ribbed knitted one they also have additions such as jackets / coverups and in one case (WZ220) a fabulous trouser and skirt combo which would be great for dance wear

WonkyZebra 054 Surfer Bikini 61 WZ054           WonkyZebra 220 Bikini Dress Trousers 5134 WZ220

WonkyZebra 204 Lace Inset Bikini WZ204   WonkyZebra 198 Ribbed Bikini 975 WZ198

The next few are kind of “split bandeau” in style; with 2 separate cups of a squarish piece of textile; one in knitting – two in crochet.

WonkyZebra 401 Spring Bikini Tunic 5395 WZ401 WonkyZebra 230 striped  knit bikini WZ230

The red crochet one WZ334 has, a filet crochet  lace pattern,  some shaping and gathers under the cup onto a cord “tres minimal”.

WonkyZebra 334 Red Filet Crochet BikiniWZ334 So are the panties! It is just fab!

For those of you who prefer a tad more coverage, I will end with some swimsuits ( I have a few more to do soon).

Iconic  bond girl WZ003 –just love that styling-so sixties-and it has cute “no shoe” sandals too.

WonkyZebra 003 C91 WZ003

( Another Etesian makes this – contact me for her shop info if you want any of these made)

Versatile swimsuit WZ375 – there is great scope for customizing both of these.

WonkyZebra 375 Crochet One Piece Swimsuit 5189 WZ375

Finally I could not leave out the also versatile WZ016, another Barbara Warner pattern – maybe not technically a bikini a as such but so iconic and modelled beautifully by Shakira – actor Sir Michael Caine’s wife.

WonkyZebra 016 WZ016

Oh! and lets have a tricolore to really end on as we are all feeling patriotic while the Olympic games are on! Come to think of it, this little halter is quite sporty 🙂

WonkyZebra AT 184 Tricolour Bikini WZ184

About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at http://wonkyzebra.etsy.com
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