WonkyZebraBaby Dolls Clothes Patterns PDFs…

Today WonkyZebra is trotting into the territory of his “bazaar” patterns…

More specifically DOLLS , and even more specifically teenage dolls clothes for Sindy and Barbie and all their friends.

These clothes are real little micro models reflecting fashions of the day; providing little girls with all the accouterments of grown up fashion styles their big sisters were wearing at the time.

Hours of fun…

and a great deal of pleasure to make.

They are going to go into WonkyZebraBaby shop, incase all my real fashion fans wonder what is going on with WonkyZebra.

WonkyZebraBaby D001 9525 WonkyZebraBaby D001 9525

WonkyZebraBaby D002 6753  WonkyZebraBaby D002 6753

WonkyZebraBaby D003 6691  WonkyZebraBaby  D003 6691

WonkyZebraBaby D004 6752  WonkyZebraBaby D004 6752

WonkyZebraBaby D005 4322  WonkyZebraBaby D005 4322

WonkyZebraBaby D006 2721  WonkyZebraBaby D006 2721

WonkyZebraBaby D007 2369  WonkyZebraBaby D007 2369

WonkyZebraBaby D008 1728  WonkyZebraBaby D008 1728

WonkyZebraBaby D009 421  WonkyZebraBaby D009 421

WonkyZebraBaby D010 123  WonkyZebraBaby D010 123

WonkyZebraBaby D011 Dolls Teenage Outfit 2301  WonkyZebraBaby D011 2301

WonkyZebraBaby D012 Dolls Outfits 13077  WonkyZebraBaby D012 Dolls Outfits 13077

So you see, almost any wardrobe event catered for; even for superheroes, and hard working nurses.

Hope you enjoy them, I am just processing them for the shop now, please do contact WZ if you want one in a hurry…

About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at http://wonkyzebra.etsy.com
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