Big Shenanigans on Etsy

For anyone who is interested, there are big shenanigans going on at Etsy, who have changed their whole home page landing and browse functions.

All sorts of shops and whole categories of things seem to have dropped out of easy viewing, and there is a great deal of outcry… understandably, lots of people are pretty annoyed and upset.

WonkyZebra still has three random offerings visible on this new browse page, which is apparently a lot more than many; but it does seem difficult for people new to Etsy to realise there is more on offer than these initial images.

However this is just another one of those “David and Goliath” big boys verses small guys things… so we might as well just ignore it and carry on regardless!

So – in the interest of keeping calm… and WonkyZebra-ing on…

WonkyZebra 457 Zebra  WonkyZebra 457 Zebra

Here are some cute toys that may be good for a certain occasion that is looming (dare I mention the Christmas word?) on the gift making horizon.

Muy rapido!

WonkyZebra 454 Gnome   WonkyZebra 454 Gnome

This one is very old, and worn, but WZ has spent ages making sure it is completely legible (but still charming and vintage).

Here is a sweet doll,

WonkyZebra 424 Elf Doll and Clown Image  WonkyZebra 424 Elf Doll and Clown Image

And a traditional penguin,

WonkyZebra 455 Peter Penguin  WonkyZebra 455 Peter Penguin

and bunny,

WonkyZebra 082  WonkyZebra 082

not to forget teddy,

WonkyZebra 058 Jubilee  WonkyZebra 058 Jubilee

WonkyZebra 148 Fayre Knitted Daschund  WonkyZebra 148 Fayre Knitted Daschund

WonkyZebra 246 WZ246 WonkyZebra 264 NativityWZ264

Of course a stocking is always useful…

WonkyZebra 456 Christmas Stocking 2378   WonkyZebra 456 Christmas Stocking 2378

WonkyZebra 458 Ripple Stocking  WonkyZebra 458 Ripple Stocking

Oh! And of course the shop has lots of patterns for ever useful hats, scarves, cushions, tea cosies, slippers… and never forgetting pretty party dresses  🙂

WonkyZebra 431 Aran Hats 1483   WZ431 WonkyZebra 275 Ski Caps 2057   WZ275

WonkyZebra 265 Reindeer Gloves B2116  WonkyZebra 265 Reindeer Gloves B2116

WonkyZebra 010 4456 WZ010WonkyZebra 069  WZ069

WonkyZebra 076 retro boudoir glamour  WonkyZebra 076 retro boudoir glamour

WonkyZebra 258  WonkyZebra 258

WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions  WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions

WonkyZebra 410 Sixties Evening Dress  WonkyZebra 410 Sixties Evening Dress

How’s that for some shameless promoting?

…but do visit… Etsy, Zibbet, or email directly via

And if you decide to buy something- IN OCTOBER 2012 – quote me “shameless” and another WZ pattern number in message to seller for a free extra pattern!


About WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra and I have collected tons of patterns over the years. Before this was fashionable and the whole “vintage” thing happened, it was just considered to be a funny sort of hoarding; a bit “anorak” to use one of the slightly mocking terms us English specialise in. Now it is a wonderful source of lost treasure in the online textile universe; who would have guessed! It was quite a relief to find there are many others “out there” who appreciate a good pattern-and maybe even enjoy using them! I think it is a good thing anyone can get access to the designs instead of just those lucky enough to find them in gran’s workbox or charity shops. So, here we are with all our hoard, trying to make it all available as fast as we can…hooves don’t help much so it is down to me. I squeeze it in between actual crocheting, knitting, life, and other sundries. Vintage patterns; PDFs for sale at
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