A Grand Day Out…

Well – the weather is better here in WonkyZebra land… lots of pretty spring flowers and sunshine… all very uplifting and happy making.
Time for some pretty dresses; maybe with a little jacket to keep the chill out though!
WonkyZebra 147 AT Crochet Set 2107 blog  WZ147
Also time to think of the wedding season coming around soon.

WonkyZebra 244 AtT arch lace wedding dress BLOG WZ244 WonkyZebra 244 Bt arch lace wedding dresstop BLOG WZ244

Here is a lovely wedding dress WZ244. It would have been -still is – quite a good one for a cool weather wedding-and is very demure by today’s standards, where bare shoulders and mostly bare bosoms are commonplace. I would stop short of the full look with the sixties Juliette cap and go for one of those on trend floral headbands…. maybe a even crocheted one… This was originally made in “Kismet“ yarn. An unusual mohair / synthetic mix but with a surprisingly silky texture, with just a little fuzz to soften the stitches. Something like a very fine angora or a lace weight yarn! I still have some stashed… here is a photo for you as it is hard to describe.

WonkyZebra kismet ball bandWonkyZebra kismet yarn 2

More to see in the bridal line here


Or on pinterest  https://www.pinterest.com/wonkyzebra/

If it’s not your year as a bride… you may well be going to someone else’s wedding. So… could be time for a serious frock ( such an old fashioned word for best dress… does anyone actually use it nowadays? LOL ).

WonkyZebra 341 B Tea Party Dress 2975 Image1 blog  WZ341

This really is a dressed up sort of dress… very “Alice in Wonderland pretty”. Perfect for looking lovely, while discreetly using the wall to remain upright during photos.

Or maybe you prefer a suit for a more formal affaire. So how about one of these cheeky little numbers…

What about this Barbara Warner couture one, C52… with its neat little “Peter Pan” collar and cuffs? Might be better with just the collar for a more modern look (although those cuffs are kind of cute ).

WonkyZebra 692 Peter Pan Suit CT BLOG WZ692 WonkyZebra 692 Peter Pan Suit C52 b

Love these crochet patterns; they are so well written!

You can easily date them too as they were in old and new currency from when UK “went metric”! Around the end of the 60’s /start of 70’s the patterns are marked in both “old money” shillings and pence and “new money” New Pence. Simple ( only it SO wasn’t!  ) Plus they did the same with imperial to metric on the fabric and wool measurements; trying it out on us needlewomen first… which was rather mean of them, but we soon learned 4”= 10cm… good old tension squares handy for that! )

The  lovely lace suit modeled by Twiggy, would also work very well

WonkyZebra 306 Twiggy  WZ359

and for more suits just search here or for “suit” anywhere on the blog.

Maybe you need a dressy mother of the bride outfit; this suit is something unusual.

WonkyZebra 273 AT Crochet Suit 2475B Image1 BLOG WZ273

She looks like she is in a vintage version of the “PhotoBooth” all ready!

Classy, pretty without being too fussy,  and oh so comfortable while looking fresh all day long. The 3/4 sleeve and bold buttons are very stylish and the bands of lace look great in the slight boucle yarn. It is not mentioned in the pattern but you would need a lining, for the skirt at least. In those days ladies wore slips as a matter of course! A pretty camisole instead, or shell top in plain silk, would give an evening option of removing the jacket….

Or this very informal take on “suit” from Jaeger; so modern despite being vintage!

WonkyZebra 167 Jaeger Gaelic Skirt Top A4207 Image1at BLOG WZ167

( Which reminds me… here is a very casual one WZ416 featured in “Simply Crochet” magazine recently. )

For an alternative what about this set from Lee Target.

https://signup.wordpress.com/activate/945157029c151199https://signup.wordpress.com/activate/945157029c151199https://signup.wordpress.com/activate/945157029c151199 WZ125 https://signup.wordpress.com/activate/945157029c151199

A fab coat and dress, with a retro sixties, very  “Jackie O”, look… but still so fresh and wearable and dead easy to make in double crochet (US SC). The textured yarn does all the work for this set; although there is a neat yoke detail on the dress and optional beading. (“Topaz” was all the rage.) The stitch variation adds interest on the coat, as do the sweet frilled elbow length sleeves; just enough girlyness creeping in!..

Going back to a more informal look, I have patterns for some nice dresses you can wear without being too “dolled up”. Just add a hat and dainty shoes… and you are all set. However, dressed down, these work all summer and all day long too. ( Digressing on shoes for a moment, the 60’s sling backs on the WZ125 lady are fab ! ). I often wish I could go back in time to get a better crop of some of my pattern images, sigh.

WonkyZebra C 8715 Image1s  WZ125

But here are the dresses…

A few lovely simple sheath dresses; two in fine boucle cotton for a great texture with only basic crocheting. The first one has a very unusual neck detail that is so 60s.

WonkyZebra 710 Crochet Dress 2555 Image1c BLOG WZ710 WonkyZebra 710 Crochet Dress 2555 Imageb2

She is another one who looks like she is in a photo booth, with that clearly fake background! Does it remind anyone else of that movie line “under the big W” ?

Or this one from the same set, but even simpler with a dainty shell edging to the neck and sleeve as the only detail.

WonkyZebra 709 Summer Breeze Crochet Dress 3942 Image1c BLOG  WZ709

Despite its plain finish it actually works as a very wearable (and easy to make) summer dress. Once again the fake background, but the church is appropriate for a wedding theme (and so the lovely ladies at Simply Crochet thought – they will be featuring it soon…)

I will do a two for one offer on these dresses, as well as my usual sale freebies I always add to purchases.  Just type GDO  in your message when you buy either.

For a slightly dressier sheath dress, with a more complex lace, how about this beauty. Make it for daytime colour or white; but how about in sultry black for evening? (I will do an evening party set next – pop back soon!)

WonkyZebra AT 411 Crochet Sheath Dress 3018 BLOG WZ411

So continuing with the lace theme, there is always the beautiful WZ059. This is so popular and all over the place online; there must have been lots of these patterns published-or  maybe a high percentage are saved , as it is such a timeless style. For those who don’t like motifs WZ177 is a good alternative; I usually tend send them together when one is purchased, so just remind me LOL.

WonkyZebra 059 B T Crochet dress DSCN5876 WZ059 WonkyZebra A T177 Simply Dishy 9928 Image12 BLOG   WZ177

For those who do like a good motif this is cute

WonkyZebra 626 Motif Crochet Dress Image1T BLOG  WZ626

As is this one; almost identical but made with a totally different method.

WonkyZebra 617 Patchwork Dress Crochet Image1t BLOG   WZ617

They both look like “daisy loom” creations but they are actually crocheted. One is made with long stitches worked into a ring, the other actually mimics the loops of the daisy loom. Again I generally send these two together; I would love to know which technique is preferred. For myself I would use the Lister pattern; Mon Tricot ones are lovely but more work to decode. I almost always have to re-write them for modern use, and have even made photo tutorials for some.

But both are as fresh as a daisy… unlike the lady in this neat suit I am ending on. The suit is classy and sixties elegant, unlike the lady in it who looks like she has had had one too many and given up; just sitting on the floor in a state of oblivion!

WonkyZebra 613 Crochet Pink Suit 6525 BT BLOG  WZ613

Well, if you are going to do that, you may as well do it in the stylish “Rocco meets  Alice in Wonderland” surroundings which epitomised sixties set design!

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Tops, Tees and Shells

I have just been scanning some summer tops … OK I know our English summer is almost over – but it is always summer (or hot) somewhere-WZ is intercontinental,  LOL.

WonkyZebra 720 Batau Neck Shell Crochet Top 2491

WonkyZebra 720 Batau Neck Shell Crochet Top 2491










These little garments really lend themselves to crochet, their simple unassuming shapes made to fill a basic need; a cool but covered top half!

Or, alternatively a garment that won’t pad out the arms of a fitted suit.

Crochet (and knitted lace) provide an interesting texture so they are a bit more interesting than plain fabric without being too colourful…

WonkyZebra 714 Ladys Crochet shell.

WonkyZebra 714 Ladys Crochet shell.










These tops can add a more feminine look to a plain formal business suit,

WonkyZebra 115 Lace Shell Top 1013

WonkyZebra 115 Lace Shell Top 1013










or look fresh and pretty as the top half of a summer outfit.

WonkyZebra 713 Crochet Top 5065

WonkyZebra 713 Crochet Top 5065










You can wear them over skirts or trousers,

WonkyZebra 267 2207

WonkyZebra 267 2207










go lacy, or casual,

WonkyZebra 661 MonTricot Green Crochet Top

WonkyZebra 661 MonTricot Green Crochet Top










make them sleeveless,

WonkyZebra 106 Two Tone Shell 2071

WonkyZebra 106 Two Tone Shell 2071










or with sleeves if you prefer,

WonkyZebra 722 Pretty Crochet Shell Tops 1083

WonkyZebra 722 Pretty Crochet Shell Tops 1083











for evening,  with high or lower necklines,

WonkyZebra 044 Crochet Top and Choker 1052

WonkyZebra 044 Crochet Top and Choker 1052










WonkyZebra 649 Lacy Top 2438

WonkyZebra 649 Lacy Top 2438










there is such scope!

Then you can choose between cotton thread,

WonkyZebra 683 Squares Camisole

WonkyZebra 683 Squares Camisole

WonkyZebra 481 Crochet Shell Top 2318

WonkyZebra 481 Crochet Shell Top 2318
















or fine yarn (this beauty even has a knitted lining underneath! If you want it – times have changed).

There are all sorts from intricate lace in rows or motifs to plainer bands of simple stitch patterns.

I even have a very simple, one row, no shaping first project

WonkyZebra 721 Pretty Crochet Shell Tops 1083

WonkyZebra 721 Pretty Crochet Shell Tops 1083










They cover everything (literally) from demure to sexy in their styling and ease of making.

So hopefully something for everyone..

Everyone who wants to crochet one anyway , haha.

I am saving the knitted ones for another day; do ask if you are looking for one!

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Festival Days…

Hello everyone… long time no blog… been a busy WonkyZebra.

Well – here are my thoughts for you now; on a summer theme (we have to try, despite out lovely weather!) so including some pretty dresses and festival creations. Crochet works so well for these… and the last wave of “let’s-crochet- it -ness” was right in the middle of the summer of love itself… late sixties dude… so lots of my collection is apparently newly minted despite being 40plus years old!

Here are some crochet lovelies; sweet and simple, sexy (but never slutty!) and quite quick to whip up…

WonkyZebra 676 Crochet Sleeveless Dress PDF Pattern 309

WonkyZebra 676 Crochet Sleeveless Dress PDF Pattern 309

UK Magazine “ Simply Crochet” have a lovely festival theme this month… including an image of this dress, WZ676… …and a pattern for a waistcoat looking rather like this one, WonkyZebra 378  Fringed Crochet Ves blog

WonkyZebra 378 Fringed Crochet Vest

[Proving the comment about “right up to date/back in fashion”…]

Here are some more festival friendly garments like these hippy chic items…

…cute fringed tops.

WonkyZebra 466 list

WonkyZebra 466

WonkyZebra 466 THREE Hippy Crop Tops

WonkyZebra 466 THREE Hippy Crop Tops

gorgeous hoodies, one very girly…

WonkyZebra 260

WonkyZebra 260

…and one beach casual…

WonkyZebra 478 Hooded Tunic 2208

WonkyZebra 478 Hooded Tunic 2208

and how about this crazy floral creation ?

WonkyZebra 476 Crochet Cobweb Waistcoatt

WonkyZebra 476 Crochet Cobweb Waistcoatt

( more waistcoat/vest things here; )

By the way-I love the cute tie belt on WZ676; if you add one to a long T-shirt dress, it is a VERY quick way to update it! The “polo mint ends” remind me of all those belts made from rings.. oh hang on … there’s a pat(ern) for that… ( sorry –the “app” advert has stuck!)

I have another pattern with this technique used for necklaces… I have seen lots made like this on Etsy, in all sorts of variations. Here is my oldest one ; wonderful font on the title.

WonkyZebra 007 Chokers 1003

WonkyZebra 007 Chokers 1003


Some rather more fanciful adornments from my vintage French Mon Tricot magazines which are fun and wouldn’t look out of place at a festival (But a bit OTT anywhere else).

WonkyZebra flower necklaces blog

WonkyZebra flower necklaces blog

Some more fresh but sexy little mini dresses.

WonkyZebra 078 Yellow Crochet Dress 5092

WonkyZebra 078 Yellow Crochet Dress 5092



WonkyZebra 390 Fluted Goddess Dress

WonkyZebra 390 Fluted Goddess Dress


And tunic dresses for a looser fit-but still effortlessly stylish in a feminine but casual way

WonkyZebra 116 Hilton Ladies Crochet Dress

WonkyZebra 116 Hilton Ladies Crochet Dress


WonkyZebra 152 6303

WonkyZebra 152 6303

WonkyZebra 191 blog

WonkyZebra 191 blog

Or –still casual… how about this if it gets chilly?

This looks like a fabulously useful retro thing to have… both of these come in one PDF. The fringed one is a tad more retro, but the stripy one wold be fab on a beach in chalky or pastel cotton.

WonkyZebra Striped Poncho

WonkyZebra 629 Lacy Granny Poncho

WonkyZebra 629 Lacy Granny Poncho


Here’s a newish addition for a very quick project that looks stunning. Here it is made in “granny chic” clash- with- everything stripes-but equally cute in subtler colours to coordinate with your wardrobe-or just as a plain colour top!

WonkyZebra 00Z Granny Halter

WonkyZebra 689 Granny Halter


I am winding up with a couple of pretty long dresses-which are everywhere this season-gorgeous for summer party evenings or hot summer days…

WonkyZebra 665 MonTricot Zebra Crochet Dress

WonkyZebra 665 MonTricot Zebra Crochet Dress

A mon tricot dress -again! I jazzed up the image with some colour to show how it could look. Guess which one WonkyZebra likes best ?  (Black and White is always in style!)

If you are a fan of ripple or zigzag crochet… and don’t really need another blanket… then how about one of these colourful dresses? This one is another Mon Tricot design. I always reformatte them as the writing style is awkward and the font usually teeny weeny; but  there is no denying they are great looking designs. you have to be careful with colour choices with this one though-or your waistline ends up looking just like a set of owl’s eyes!


WonkyZebra 657 Zig Zag Dress

WonkyZebra 657 Zig Zag Dress


WonkyZebra 656 ZigZag Dress

WonkyZebra 656 ZigZag Dress

Maybe this one for a more classical zigzag version; plus the bodice is a solid stitch , which is useful! Oh and there is a little crochet sunhat as a bonus.

………If it gets really hot-check out my bikini blog… for some quick solutions to the “what to crochet quickly so I can wear it, keep cool and look fab?” question.  LOL

Or try some shorts… here is one very cute set that should cover anyone out for a day at a festval, or beach..(anyone young/with a  cracking little figure that is… most of us would maybe give it a miss past 21, sigh!  )

WonkyZebra 674 Crochet Sexy Top and Pants 2102

WonkyZebra 674 Crochet Sexy Top and Pants 2102


Enjoy some sun if you can… WonkyZebra

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Fresh Things for Spring

At last some spring weather in WonkyZebraLand!

Excellent news for those of us looking for a different thing to crochet; there are only so many cosy hats and blankets you can make before feeling the need to use some cotton and make something pretty.

But before I break out into dresses and bikini making… a little pause at a half way point… some pretty little spring outfits.I did write about suits a while ago

However, this suit was featured recently in UK magazine Simply Crochet, and it made me think about the different effects you can get from one pattern.
WonkyZebra 368

It looks so fresh with its girly figure hugging mini skirt and little jacket, done in a pale bouclé cotton mix thread.
I have a lot of these little suit patterns. They are a good day-wear option when you need to look smart and put together –but want to be comfortable too. Worn with a camisole – or long sleeved T-depending on the temperature, they will take you from work, to lunch, and even out afterwards , with ease.
It is worth noting that the yarn and fit are really important here for getting the look. The last thing you want is a mumsy old “sensible” dressing effect!
For example, here is the EXACT same suit – in an earlier pattern incarnation!

WonkyZebra 282

Just a few years later, and see how much more young and vibrant it looks done to a tighter fit ( ie with much less ease ) and in a textured yarn for more interesting fabric surface.
Here is a gorgeous chunky lace suit for a bit more of a dressed up style

WonkyZebra Blue Suit 359

Blue Suit 359

…but look how much better it looks in crisp white, and when modelled by Twiggy!

WonkyZebra 306 Twiggy

WonkyZebra 359 on TWIGGY

So – bear this in mind and have a look again at the entry with some of WonkyZebra’s little suits… one may be just what you need for a bit of spring bling!
Here is one for the knitters out there too…

WonkyZebra 306

306 Cable Yoke Suit

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Happy New Year from WonkyZebra!

Hopefully everyone’s creative batteries have recharged and are ready for some new projects.
The reindeer sweaters were very popular this year and judging by the staff in Sainsbury’s supermarket, it looks like quite a tradition of “Christmas sweater wearing” is developing.
So, do get a pattern now, while you are still in the festive mood and have lots of time to get one done ready for next Christmas, LOL.
To make the idea more tempting, I will give another free with any Xmas pattern purchased; just contact me.
Moving on to new projects, how about some more cosy coverings for you to wear?
Simply Crochet magazine featured WZ235, a cute retro swing jacket… with bobbles no less, and it made me think what a good idea it would be to make a light but warm, jacket.

WonkyZebra 235 snowball pompom jacket


[By the way, Simply Crochet is a great magazine; it is full of patterns and articles, and no, I am not on the payroll, but I am glad to provide helpful images for the lovely staff there when asked.]
Here are some more jacket projects to consider:-

A classic, really retro, knitted in boucle yarn with a fringe!

WonkyZebra 440 Fringed Jacket


A couple of granny square versions… we all love those granny motifs so let’s get them out of the way first…

These are embracing the whole “blanket” look…

WonkyZebra 488 Happi Coat in Granny Squares


While I was messing about with the background colour for this image… this happened, and I thought it actually shows how nice this could look in a more modern colourway.

WonkyZebra 488 Happi Coat in Granny Squares2


WonkyZebra 271 Crochet Coat


And this next one takes it up a notch… but needs a light yarn as it is a very thick fabric otherwise. I love that it looks like lots of stars… I think the version with the coloured bands looks the best and it could work as a great stashbuster, used with a batch of one colour.

WonkyZebra 112 Granny Jacket


Or a minimal touch… kind of sewn-on scarf effect…

WonkyZebra 211 Icelandic Jacket 2236


Now I come to think of it there is a granny square cloak too.

WonkyZebra 495 Kilarney Cloak


Not to mention this fab stashbuster…

WonkyZebra 442 Stash Buster Cover Up 5394


But I digress, back to useful jackets. How about these his and hers 70s jackets? A real wardrobe staple then, and still cosy (maybe not for both of you at once, unless you can convey irony with your body language)!
It is no wonder he looks less than thrilled with having to wear the same jacket as his lady friend.

WonkyZebra 412 His and Her Jackets 9055


Here is another

WonkyZebra 350 Chunky Jacket H147 blog


Both have Norwegian snowflakes as a suitable “winter design”, but I have a very retro “Starsky and Hutch” version which still seems to be acceptable for the guys these days.

WonkyZebra 295 CT Starsky Jacket 2566


Here is another long 70s jacket, this time for ladies

WonkyZebra 671 70s Long Jacket 2260



WonkyZebra 333 Ladys Knit Jacket 1424


Ghastly colour combo – but actually a good shape and an interesting spike stitch pattern… just try for a subtler effect or everyone with need glasses to talk to you… although… black and white is trendy (hold me back before I go all wonkyzebra-ish here!)

Let’s calm down with dainty WZ620 – for those lucky enough to need some cover over party outfits

WonkyZebra 620 Irish Crochet Jacket


And I have not forgotten the menfolk, more for them soon, but I will finish for now, with the last of the reindeers and chunky jacket 447

WonkyZebra 447 Reindeer Canada Sweater


Apologies to my Canadian readers; it is an old English pattern, so despite the “no expense spared styling” I think reindeer is intended rather than moose…

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Reindeer Norwegian Sweater

Well – that time is here again… Christmas knitting and crochet is upon us! Already. Arg! I personally am still in “autumn bounty” mode thinking of crocheted pumpkins etc… But the winter seasonal patterns are in demand now. We need time to produce all those lovely things with Reindeers, snowflakes, pompom snowballs and of course some Nativity sets (more later on those). The UK knitting magazine “Simply Knitting” has kindly chosen one, a beautiful – very vintage – pattern to feature in their issue 112; and this time for the gentlemen (although you could pinch it too). The popular (and very wearable) man’s reindeer, or Norwegian jumper (or sweater… chose your own jargon here!). WZ281 ( aka Sirdar1661)

WonkyZebra Norwegian Sweater Jumper

This is such a stylish version of the iconic seasonal reindeer look. Not for nothing are they sometimes called “Ugly Sweaters”! However – don’t panic – you can be part of the fun without going completely Bridget Jones style naff… and kit out your man in this elegant but amusing little number. Thus showing off your needlewoman skills, whist still retaining some style credibility; and ensuring that it will be actually worn! What man wouldn’t want to show off his style cred, sartorial humour and the knitting love of a devoted woman in his life, all in one sweater? ( One lady I know is making FOUR of them; respect! ) Especially if you choose a lovely soft wool to make it in ( better make sure it a washable one as you don’t want a one season wonder; this one should last a lifetime ) ! I am guessing it is popular because it has almost everything a knitter would like, as well as style. There are some plain bits for when you just want some “non-demanding “plain knitting, some “not to demanding but interesting” Fairisle bands (in just 2 colours) , a fab motif (charted –which is unusual for vintage) and an uncomplicated shape. Perfect. What are you waiting for? Oh – and there is lots more lovely knittingness in the magazine and more from WonkyZebra too!

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Lovely Suits

Hello again, WonkyZebra was just in an another lovely Etsy treasury


this time for suits.

Which has reminded me, I have lots of lovely suit patterns, in the shop


not to mention piled up around the house and various files on the computer.

Here are some I thought you might like to see.

This is a quick link to search in the shop for “suit” :-


WonkyZebra 162   WZ162

This is WonkyZebra’s favourite – must be the stripes ! (although it would be a bit eye wrenching in black and white; quite Op Art, but more liquorish allsort than sleek zebra)

A couple of simliar sweater suits :-

WonkyZebra 119  WZ119

 WonkyZebra 159  WZ159

Some real lacy numbers, these are mostly seventies :-

 WonkyZebra 287  WZ287

    WonkyZebra 416 WZ416

  WonkyZebra 486  WZ484

   WonkyZebra 423  WZ423

   WonkyZebra 298 WZ298

Still with the lace, but a little more elegant, and sixties vintage..

  WonkyZebra 273  WZ273

  WonkyZebra 282  WZ282

  WonkyZebra 368   WZ368

Believe it or not, the last two are the same suit – restyled for a younger look… Mid Sixties, think mid century modern or ” Italian Job ” vibe. Actually these are a really comfortable daywear option for work, when you want to look smart but without being shoe-horned into a fitted suit. Of course, one has no help in the “holding in of the tummy” department; but Snoopy once said “some of us prefer style to comfort” but some of us don’t!

However for anyone with a nice svelte figure, these give the best of both worlds (but please choose other shoes than those clumpy moccasins).

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