Reindeer Norwegian Sweater

Well – that time is here again… Christmas knitting and crochet is upon us! Already. Arg! I personally am still in “autumn bounty” mode thinking of crocheted pumpkins etc… But the winter seasonal patterns are in demand now. We need time to produce all those lovely things with Reindeers, snowflakes, pompom snowballs and of course some Nativity sets (more later on those). The UK knitting magazine “Simply Knitting” has kindly chosen one, a beautiful – very vintage – pattern to feature in their issue 112; and this time for the gentlemen (although you could pinch it too). The popular (and very wearable) man’s reindeer, or Norwegian jumper (or sweater… chose your own jargon here!). WZ281 ( aka Sirdar1661)

WonkyZebra Norwegian Sweater Jumper

This is such a stylish version of the iconic seasonal reindeer look. Not for nothing are they sometimes called “Ugly Sweaters”! However – don’t panic – you can be part of the fun without going completely Bridget Jones style naff… and kit out your man in this elegant but amusing little number. Thus showing off your needlewoman skills, whist still retaining some style credibility; and ensuring that it will be actually worn! What man wouldn’t want to show off his style cred, sartorial humour and the knitting love of a devoted woman in his life, all in one sweater? ( One lady I know is making FOUR of them; respect! ) Especially if you choose a lovely soft wool to make it in ( better make sure it a washable one as you don’t want a one season wonder; this one should last a lifetime ) ! I am guessing it is popular because it has almost everything a knitter would like, as well as style. There are some plain bits for when you just want some “non-demanding “plain knitting, some “not to demanding but interesting” Fairisle bands (in just 2 colours) , a fab motif (charted –which is unusual for vintage) and an uncomplicated shape. Perfect. What are you waiting for? Oh – and there is lots more lovely knittingness in the magazine and more from WonkyZebra too!

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Lovely Suits

Hello again, WonkyZebra was just in an another lovely Etsy treasury

this time for suits.

Which has reminded me, I have lots of lovely suit patterns, in the shop

not to mention piled up around the house and various files on the computer.

Here are some I thought you might like to see.

This is a quick link to search in the shop for “suit” :-

WonkyZebra 162   WZ162

This is WonkyZebra’s favourite – must be the stripes ! (although it would be a bit eye wrenching in black and white; quite Op Art, but more liquorish allsort than sleek zebra)

A couple of simliar sweater suits :-

WonkyZebra 119  WZ119

 WonkyZebra 159  WZ159

Some real lacy numbers, these are mostly seventies :-

 WonkyZebra 287  WZ287

    WonkyZebra 416 WZ416

  WonkyZebra 486  WZ484

   WonkyZebra 423  WZ423

   WonkyZebra 298 WZ298

Still with the lace, but a little more elegant, and sixties vintage..

  WonkyZebra 273  WZ273

  WonkyZebra 282  WZ282

  WonkyZebra 368   WZ368

Believe it or not, the last two are the same suit – restyled for a younger look… Mid Sixties, think mid century modern or ” Italian Job ” vibe. Actually these are a really comfortable daywear option for work, when you want to look smart but without being shoe-horned into a fitted suit. Of course, one has no help in the “holding in of the tummy” department; but Snoopy once said “some of us prefer style to comfort” but some of us don’t!

However for anyone with a nice svelte figure, these give the best of both worlds (but please choose other shoes than those clumpy moccasins).

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Just a preview announcement of

A separate Etsy shop from the main WonkyZebra, and WonkyZebraBaby ones… selling Toy Pattern PDFs – mostly knitting and sewing ones.

I have so many of these quirky patterns and they are  a real love of mine… but they don’t do very well in with all the retro crochet stuff in the main shop. Not sure why,  but am going to try them in their own place to see if is more appealing for viewers to find them all hanging out  together rather than hidden in amongst the clothing in the crochet wardrobe – so to  speak !

Please feel free to ask me  if you are looking for a specific pattern – there are approx 100 in the pipeline for ToyPatternLand and I may have the one you want.

Also, if anything isn’t ‘for sale’ ; after being sold or just expired don’t panic! All the PDFs are still available, so if you can see it in ‘sold items’ or on this blog- then ask – and it can be easily relisted…

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A busy time of year…

Just a quick post today, as we are all very busy at this time of year…

Even WonkyZebra has been out on safari much more than usual…However there are still some new things to find in the shop… and some old favourites are selling well….

The lovely 281 reindeer jumper for one.

WonkyZebra 281 Vintage Reindeer Sweater 1661  WZ281,

I decided to make a file of reindeer and snowflake motifs – as lots of us like them but don’t want to make a whole jumper.

So here it is – a nice collection; but not all charted. See the listing for details (click on the image link to ETSY).

WonkyZebra 447 Reindeers  WZ474

There are some good patterns for not-quite-last-minute gift making…

WonkyZebra 469 Solomon Owl   WZ469,   WonkyZebra 473 4 Knitted Booties   WZ473,

… some to keep you warm and cosy,

WonkyZebra 470 Knitted Leg Ankle Warmers 1997 WZ470,  WonkyZebra 470 DT Knitted Leg Ankle Warmers 1997

These legwarmers (vintage name) or boot cuffs (modern name!) are quick to do in the short length.

WonkyZebra 437 AT Bellmans HatsWZ437,WonkyZebra 438 Flower Power Hats 2051WZ438,

These fab berets and beanies are quick made in chunky yarn. In pre internet days I sold loads of ‘number 4’ just by word of mouth… I teamed it with a skinny scarf like the lime one in wz437 for a fabulous hippy set.

WonkyZebra 473 Baby Blanket  WZ473,WonkyZebra 473 Baby Blanket B

This beautiful motif blanket or shawl clearly has mileage as far as the age of your recipient goes… and makes a lovely project for the holiday season, for you to cosy up with.

Or how about some quick last minute glamour? These two pretty cover-ups both vaguely snowflake looking (come on use some imagination and swap flower colours for sparkly white!)

WonkyZebra 476 Crochet Cobweb WaistcoatWZ476, WonkyZebra 260 CobWeb HoodieWZ260,

Or some real wow factor with that glitzy little ripple camisole..

WonkyZebra 361 Vest and Sleeveless Coat 5935  WZ361,

…this knockout lace dress ( probably best to aim for a mini version or top if you want it for New Year celebrations…)

WonkyZebra 451 Net Maxi Dress  WZ451,   WonkyZebra 451 Net Maxi Dress 451

or this gorgeous ‘opera’ cape.

WonkyZebra 320 Purple Cape  WZ320.

Which come to think of it, used just for the stitch pattern, would make a great blanket to keep you warm as well.

And for those of you in warmer climates (lucky things) a new vintage bikini

(coming soon a PIC  and a LINK to the bikini…)

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Big Shenanigans on Etsy

For anyone who is interested, there are big shenanigans going on at Etsy, who have changed their whole home page landing and browse functions.

All sorts of shops and whole categories of things seem to have dropped out of easy viewing, and there is a great deal of outcry… understandably, lots of people are pretty annoyed and upset.

WonkyZebra still has three random offerings visible on this new browse page, which is apparently a lot more than many; but it does seem difficult for people new to Etsy to realise there is more on offer than these initial images.

However this is just another one of those “David and Goliath” big boys verses small guys things… so we might as well just ignore it and carry on regardless!

So – in the interest of keeping calm… and WonkyZebra-ing on…

WonkyZebra 457 Zebra  WonkyZebra 457 Zebra

Here are some cute toys that may be good for a certain occasion that is looming (dare I mention the Christmas word?) on the gift making horizon.

Muy rapido!

WonkyZebra 454 Gnome   WonkyZebra 454 Gnome

This one is very old, and worn, but WZ has spent ages making sure it is completely legible (but still charming and vintage).

Here is a sweet doll,

WonkyZebra 424 Elf Doll and Clown Image  WonkyZebra 424 Elf Doll and Clown Image

And a traditional penguin,

WonkyZebra 455 Peter Penguin  WonkyZebra 455 Peter Penguin

and bunny,

WonkyZebra 082  WonkyZebra 082

not to forget teddy,

WonkyZebra 058 Jubilee  WonkyZebra 058 Jubilee

WonkyZebra 148 Fayre Knitted Daschund  WonkyZebra 148 Fayre Knitted Daschund

WonkyZebra 246 WZ246 WonkyZebra 264 NativityWZ264

Of course a stocking is always useful…

WonkyZebra 456 Christmas Stocking 2378   WonkyZebra 456 Christmas Stocking 2378

WonkyZebra 458 Ripple Stocking  WonkyZebra 458 Ripple Stocking

Oh! And of course the shop has lots of patterns for ever useful hats, scarves, cushions, tea cosies, slippers… and never forgetting pretty party dresses  🙂

WonkyZebra 431 Aran Hats 1483   WZ431 WonkyZebra 275 Ski Caps 2057   WZ275

WonkyZebra 265 Reindeer Gloves B2116  WonkyZebra 265 Reindeer Gloves B2116

WonkyZebra 010 4456 WZ010WonkyZebra 069  WZ069

WonkyZebra 076 retro boudoir glamour  WonkyZebra 076 retro boudoir glamour

WonkyZebra 258  WonkyZebra 258

WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions  WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions

WonkyZebra 410 Sixties Evening Dress  WonkyZebra 410 Sixties Evening Dress

How’s that for some shameless promoting?

…but do visit… Etsy, Zibbet, or email directly via

And if you decide to buy something- IN OCTOBER 2012 – quote me “shameless” and another WZ pattern number in message to seller for a free extra pattern!

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Luscious Long Dresses

I have a lot of long dresses in my crochet pattern favourites.

They take time, although less than you’d think; the skirts are often just simple repeats that grow quickly in front of a good film. At this time of year the bonus is the draped blanket effect you get to keep you warm as you make them- cosy!

WonkyZebra 134 Striped Maxi Dress   WonkyZebra 134 Striped Maxi Dress

This one has been my favourite and best seller since I opened the Etsy shop over 2 years ago. I had a few Môn Tricot books and this was in one. Luckily I kept it – I can’t believe I got rid of some – sigh.
SO unlike me. Heavy sigh.
The original photo is just a one long thin one… I had to make a square one for Etsy listing – at that time – and it is funny to see that almost everyone uses this image of it now, with the girl on one side. One lady did her own version but my version is now used all over the place; I was new to image manipulation then ( and am still learning ) but I would do a better job now than the blocks of picture ( if I had time) and wish I had known how to add my logo then 🙂

However it is great that it can be made again – it is such an obvious development from the granny square tops, but is the only one like it I have seen. Oh, and don’t get me started on granny square tank tops; so addictive – I have tons of patterns for them.

WonkyZebra 095 BoHo ZigZag Maxi Dress  WonkyZebra 095 BoHo ZigZag Maxi Dress   WZ095
Here is another early photo manipulated one; I spent ages metaphorically “laying a patio” over the body of the girl in the short dress to get a single image. ( Again, saving lots of work for all and sundry ) and I am not sure now why I was so intent on achieving that!

Both this and 134 work well made down from the bodice as well ; so I send another dress done like that with them to help adapt.
Here are some more of the long lovelies; first some everyday dresses – or patio dresses (love that name) a couple that can only be called kaftans and a long skirt for good measure.

WonkyZebra 183 Patio DressWZ183 WonkyZebra 183 Patio dress WZ183

WZ183 is another dress I have in 2 publications; I can’t decide which I like best – I guess it depends on the weather, but the black and white image definitely has the “styling” edge for me.

WonkyZebra 209 Maxi 2866  WZ209WonkyZebra 271 Crochet Maxi Dress 9010 WZ271

These are lacy… : Next two slightly chunkier..

WonkyZebra 284 Hostess Gown FK73 WZ284WonkyZebra 187 Green Kaftan  WZ187

and back to lace for this unusual bib topped skirt…

WonkyZebra 243 Skirt with Bib 3031  WZ243

Now for some evening dresses
WonkyZebra 146 black evening 2piece  WZ146  WonkyZebra 146 Black evening 2piece   WZ146
This is lovely but it is difficult to see that as the photo is very dark. It is a classic camisole top but with a useful “cover up “ deep “V” necked overtop. Good idea for versatility.

The next one is actually another skirt with a halter top.

WonkyZebra 379 Elegance Crochet Dress 5324  WZ379

WonkyZebra 389 Leisure and Day Dresses 5171  WZ389WonkyZebra 433 Crochet Micro Mini Dress C58  WZ433

Both long and short versions with these and the next three as well, plus they are day dresses too, but I have included them as they look gorgeous made long. ( I send the short and long versions of 389/433 whichever is purchased).

WonkyZebra 092 Dizzy Dress Image  WZ092WonkyZebra 092 Dizzy Dress WZ092A

I send a top version from another book with the divine 092. I adapted mine then found they had the same idea and published one in a later booklet! That old recycling thing they did then – as now 🙂

Here is a very “mod” variation – but the jabot is a bit OTT now, unless you are going for the full on period look.
WonkyZebra 192  WZ192  WonkyZebra 192
A seventies classic v neck halter dresses
WonkyZebra 241 Patons promise 170 romantic dress WZ241  WonkyZebra 241 Patons promise 170 romantic dress short

Some full on prom queen or party frocks

WonkyZebra 189 NewIdeas  WZ189 WonkyZebra 205 Lace Frock  WZ205

Plus of course some wedding dresses –but they would work as non nuptial dresses too…
WonkyZebra 244 Arch lace wedding dress  WZ244  WonkyZebra 175 StitchCraft Brides Dress Iiliac  WZ175

And a couple more of these in knitting
WonkyZebra 188 Knitted Wedding Dress  WZ188   WonkyZebra 307 Hooded Wedding Dress  WZ307

or fillet lace, all over rose motif for a really unusual look

WonkyZebra 429 White Rose Crochet Coat    WZ429  WonkyZebra 451 Net Maxi Dress  WZ451

This wedding or evening coat is gorgeous but I still can’t make my mind up about the dress, it is either fabulous… or a lot of work to look like you cut up mum’s best lace tablecloth. Hmmm , maybe not such a bad idea that…. (either way you need a perfect figure for it- or masses of self confidence).

a wonderful cape to wear over any long dress…
WonkyZebra 320 Purple Cape   WZ320  WonkyZebra 320 Purple Cape
And some more fantasy dressing up robes for wafting about in looking lovely -whatever the reason.
WonkyZebra 391 Hooded Evening Coat   WZ391  WonkyZebra 391 Hooded Evening Coat

And the total fantasy style of this “wedding dress” from Vogue
WonkyZebra 174 Vogue boho wedding dress  WZ174

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Retro Hats

Just a quick note today – one of the hats is featured in new UK crochet magazine “Simply Crochet”.

WonkyZebra 292 Baker Boy Yellow Cap  WZ292
I am doing an offer for their readers, so if you do buy the magazine, and decide to buy the pattern, pop in and get your freebie with it.
Here are some other hat patterns from WonkyZebra that you may like, (although you could choose any garment)…
Some mixture patterns with berets,  beanies, turbans, caps.

WonkyZebra 285 4 Hats 1219 WZ285
and “helmets”.

WonkyZebra 216 4 Hats Montage WZ216

The helmets were really popular in the sixties- if you look at Pierre Cardin stuff you see them in a more high fashion mode! But homemade versions seem to have been a real family favourite! Cozy 🙂

Moving on to the seventies they sort of morphed into things like this – Juliette caps etc.

WonkyZebra 107 Wierd 70s Headgear 2083  WZ107

There are lots in the bridal patterns too!

WonkyZebra 175 Hat Pic  WZ175

Plus of course the cloche and turban

WonkyZebra 155 Vintage Crochet Hats 1688   WZ155
But most wearable are the various berets

WonkyZebra 431 AT Aran Hats 1483     WZ431

And so on –but more “baker boy “ ones to finish with

WonkyZebra 386 Sixties Cap Bag and Belt    WZ386

I have some knit Baker Boy hat patterns as well.

WonkyZebra 392 Hats WZ392

This one has a whole matching trouser suit; but it is probably a knit too far for most of us today.
WZ has a man’s Baker Boy hat too, come to think of it.

WonkyZebra PREVIEW Mans Green Hat    WZ”preview-Mans Green Hat”

and a Teen sized one in Aran.

WonkyZebra 272 Aran Hats and Sweaters Cap    WZ272

Oh, and mustn’t forget the seasonal “must have” holiday hats.

WonkyZebra 263 Reindeer Motif Sweater   WZ263

WonkyZebra 275 Ski Caps 2057    WZ275

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