Waistcoats and Vests

I’m going with a theme today of “waistcoats”- or “vests” for our American friends. WonkyZebra 122 At Midi Waistcoat  WZ122 As an aside – it is quite a challenge to keep on top of the transatlantic jargon for the Etsy shop. Waistcoats/vests, trousers/pants cushion/pillow (forgot that one for ages) and I am sure I am missing a word like “romper “ or something for what I call hot pants or shorts! Anyway – today waistcoats ( sorry, but “vest”  keeps giving me images of the essential 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, undergarment – string or woolly – but needed pre-central heating  :) … WonkyZebra 00Z AT vest  P11 I like these to make in crochet; sort of a “halfway garment” for me. Halfway between a full project and an accessory, halfway between climate options and halfway between cool fashion item and “old lady layering”! WonkyZebra 00Z at Crochet CoverUp Tunics FK71 P12   WonkyZebra 00Z Best Of Crochet AT Image39  P13 WonkyZebra 080 Dt 6423 crochet waistcoat WZ080  WonkyZebra 00G AT Gypsy Vest 2929 Image1P14 Plus from a technique point of view – halfway between quick and easy safe projects and experimental fancy lace stitches. WonkyZebra 378 B Fringed Crochet Vest FK71 WZ378  WonkyZebra 00Z Happy Days AT Image08  P15 However – you have to admit-sometimes a halfway option is the sensible answer for weather, budget and style; not to mention crochet skill or enthusiasm levels. It is quite forgiving of learner mistakes and tension/size issues as it does not actually have to fit exactly to a size; a little overlap or skimpiness is tolerable. WonkyZebra 00Z WDSC09 AT Image20A P16  WonkyZebra 00Z WDSC10 Short Vest P17 WonkyZebra 00Z Long Vest WDSC08 P18  WonkyZebra 00Z at Patterned Waistcoats 2143 P19 WonkyZebra 00G BT Crochet Jacket 2929 WZ606  WonkyZebra T Hayfield Cruise Fashions H19 P21 Plus, they come in all sorts of styles; short and cute, WonkyZebra NewIdeas Image14at P22  WonkyZebra NewIdeas Hippy Top P23 long and lacy – these tend to be more 70’s versions, WonkyZebra 093 AT Crochet Waistcoat Dscn6901 WZ093  WonkyZebra 00Z AT Rich Waistcoat P24 WonkyZebra 404 AT Cara Trouser Suit 11 WZ404   WonkyZebra 00Z AT Sleeveless Coat 8992 P25 Some patterns have both versions, or are quite fancy. WonkyZebra 361 A TVest and Sleeveless Coat 5935 WZ361  WonkyZebra 361 Vest and Sleeveless Coat DT WonkyZebra 00Z at Crochet Waistcoat 5927 P26 WonkyZebra 00Z Best of Crochet A P27 One of those last two is quite mannish so I won’t leave the gentlemen out… WonkyZebra 00Z at Mans Waistcoat A2581 P30 I do have quite a few for men, although this one is knitted. Also, a big bonus for me is that one of these actually stands a chance of getting finished LOL. Apparently I am more of a” starter/ instigator” than “finisher/completer” (sorry for the psycho jargon – but they made us do the whole test / team building thing at work… which was… interesting)! Anyone looking at my UFO [Un Finished Objects] project fallout could have worked that out :) . I guess I like the initial inspiration and lose some interest once the pattern puzzle is cracked and the proof of concept interest has passed… sigh. Hence the large pattern collection… and wool stash. Oh – hang on – waistcoats are good for using up halfway amounts of wool – between sleeved tops and hats… Which is where we came in :) and believe it or not, I still have lots more ; some with suits, some motif or granny crochet and some for children. Enjoy the waistcoats. Or Vests! I may post some more later, if I get interest.. do feel free to contact me on here or via the shop.

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Having decided that the supply of lovely patterns in the WonkyZebra collection is just too much for WonkyZebra to process in the near future;

I’ve decided to pop some previews in with this “new listing” news from the shop.

So from now on, there will be a mixture of patterns you can buy right now, and those you can enjoy here  for the moment – but just ask for one and WZ  will process them into PDF form for you “PDQ” (pretty darn quick – within 24hours).

Normal shop listings are still with you much quicker; usually well within an hour or two – and not normally longer then 8hours (if we are asleep – or on an occasional safari!).

This way you get to see and choose from more lovelies, and we don’t waste time processing things no one is interested in…

So that is the plan – here is the first batch – if you are interested in any of them, just click here to email WonkyZebra ; to send Wonky an email.

WonkyZebra P01 Cable Knit Dress T9732 P01

A bit of a departure for WZ – some knitted dresses ( We say knitted in the UK – but  it seems that just “knit dresses” is OK in the USA…)

Either way this is a gorgeous sensual exploration of cable technique – wrapped around  into a super sixties style mini. Cosy for winter daytime – in the office or out and about- and super comfy.

WonkyZebra P02 Knitted Natty Dress 9844  P02

Another mid sixties knit dress;  inspired by Courèges or maybe Cardin’s space age collection. Zip front-patch pockets… an almost utilitarian “overall” look, just saved by some sneaky design touches (and of course the colour!). Zoom in to see the waist dart shaping and the fact that the banding is on the bottom of an outside pocket flap – not the top edge.

Plus of course that jaunty sixties hat with a signature stalk on top!

Just the thing to brighten up a working week – in cosy comfort – as long as you remember not to bend over! It would work well over trousers (pants).

..and the last knitted number for today:-

WonkyZebra P03 Knitted Pink Twist Dress P03

An absolutely adorable, sweet as sugar, little knitted dress.

It is made with a pretty lace stitch, in a vertical pattern of eyelet diagonals; the bust is made with an unusual twisted section of wide ribbed knitting.

It looks like an angora but the original yarn was Patons kismet, an acrylic mohair mix. This was an unusual texture – not really as “hairy” as mohair, with an almost silky feel and drape. I have included a photo in the yarn notes I send with all the patterns so you can get a good substitute.

Great for summer in pastel colours, or in a cotton mix or bamboo yarn-fabulous! Or lovely for anytime parties (especially in black).

Now for some crocheted sheath dresses:-

WonkyZebra P04 Crochet Polo Dress N1903  P04

This little shirtwaister dress is a good choice if you don’t like too much fussy crochet – but want a cool look for summer. Almost an “Aertex”, or “Fred Perry” polo shirt, sporty look – with simple pattern bands alternating to give interest to the simple shape; and a front opening and collar detail .

It is knee length –if you prefer mini dresses you need to decide early on as it is made hem up.

WonkyZebra P05 Sleeveless Shell Sheath Crochet Dress 6904 P05

I made this dress exactly as it is here – seduced by actually finding the pingouin wool in a (quite) local woolshop!

It was a very Zen experience; all those rows of repeated shells…

but a super texture when made – and of course good shaping. It would make a lovely top – (Ha! I really can’t say a shell pattern, shell top – can I?)

Now a similar idea, but quite different effect…

WonkyZebra P06 Gold Slinky Sheath Crochet Dress C788   P06

A lovely simple shape to show off the heavy lace stitch pattern and metallic “Goldfingering” yarn (which is still available).
This could go either way – elegant retro sixties evening dress – or sassy sixties disco dress.
Good choice for Gemini’s – or just girls who base clothing choices on mood .

So to finish – back to one of my favourite late sixties shapes; these flippy skirted, high waisted, little dresses usually with a scooped neckline but here with a open v neck.

WonkyZebra P07 Crochet Rose Ruffle  Dress 5297    P07

These two are both from Sirdar – along with a very similar one already listed; WZ 296. They vary in detail – and trim -the rose ruffle is interesting – a bit less of it might be better!

Both sleeves work very well – it just depends on your preference.

WonkyZebra P08 Crochet Mesh 5291    P08

In fact, because they are so similar; anyone coming from this blog to buy WZ296 can  get one of the other two free, by asking for P07 or P08 ..

WonkyZebra 296 High Waist Dress 5299 WonkyZebra’s 296

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Vintage Knitted Waistcoats Tunics Coats and Hats PDF Pattern 407

Vintage Knitted Waistcoats Tunics Coats and Hats PDF Pattern 407

WonkyZebra 407 AT 4 4Sets Waistcoats Tunics Coats Hats

A fab knitting pattern from late sixties /early seventies for a cable detail tunic, waistcoat or coat. Crochet hat – with or without flower, and rib neckwarmer also included.

WonkyZebra 407 BT Knitted Tunic and Coats 2852             WonkyZebra 407 CT 4Waistcoats and Hat 2883

This is one of those things I love about collecting patterns – you can see in these two patterns how wool company – Emu – have reused and restyled the same pattern a couple of years on.  The citrus colours are late sixties  – just before change to decimal currency – see the price with what we called “old money” given first. A warm ribbed polo neck insert is also included with the tunic and long coat, done in plain knitting with simple cable styling.

Move on a couple of years – now we were using “new pence” and decimal price is given predominance, but both still shown – hence early seventies (changeover was 1971).

The tunic and coat are now worn over trendy knickerbockers and redone as sleeveless “waistcoats” (vests), no warm insert this time – but a big flower appears on the crochet hat to update it for the seventies- and here it is again, so “now” 40 years later on!

WonkyZebra 407 4Waistcoats and Hat 2883 WonkyZebra 407B Knitted Tunic and Coats 2852

So how about some recycling with this useful pattern – the hat and flower are all you may get in some modern patterns – they have thrown in loads here, in this vintage Emu one ; enough to kit you out for mid season wear, LOL!

[Also  – It looks as though Miss Teal is Miss yellow with her hair grown… maybe…]

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Love Knitting Advantage Crochet

Wimbledon Bundle Vintage Pattern PDF 400 from WonkyZebra

WonkyZebra 400 Montage

Especially for Wimbledon Season!

– click to enlarge

For those who knit and crochet and love tennis – or maybe don’t love tennis!

There are still lots of things here to make, to keep you amused; little retro tennis dresses in knit, crochet, or knit with crochet. Also cute shorts, even cuter tops and super cute Sindy outfits for those who prefer dolls to dashing about.

WonkyZebra 400 tennis dress
Even a top and a sixties style belted skirt for dominatrix mixed doubles (looks like he is well and truly defeated LOL).

The Sirdar suit is from one of my favourite photo sets by them – very weird but very arty, considering the usual pattern styling of the time.

WonkyZebra 400 Sirdar

and outrageous lace trousers..

WonkyZebra 400 white hot

One of the fab Barbara Warner series of patterns, and it looks like they were targeted for sportswear. Actually crochet lace in cotton is a brilliant idea for getting hot and bothered in – and even better for looking decorative in while others do the jumping around!

The chunky jacket might be a bit overkill for Wimbledon, but a great motif to use on your trainer bag or a cushion maybe.

WonkyZebra 400 chieftain jacket

Some of the designs are from Patons magazine compilations as are the dolls clothes.

You must know a little – or big – girl who would like her doll to be dressed for Wimbledon!

WonkyZebra 400 A
Here is one I made earlier… (sorry my poor dolly looks a little frazzled after her game!)
Hmm.. so does the lawn!

WonkyZebra 400 C

WonkyZebra is doing a special offer for the Wimbledon set-

Buy any one from the shop and you can have all – or any you want-from the ste in the photomontage in this post!
Mega value to keep all you needle women occupied through the tennis season.
(just put “Wimbledon Blog Offer” in message to seller – and list any you would like – or “all”- but bear in mind only 4 ish fit in one email so you need room to receive more emails and download the attachments!)

Have your own little Wimbledon event – and don’t forget the strawberries to with it!

WonkyZebra 400 B

Dolly and WonkyZebra are just going to have some with a cup of tea…

See individual listings for more detail.
Please make sure your inbox has room for several large emails..
Includes  options on THESE EIGHT patterns – our numbers
040A, 040B, 040C, 062, 143, 182, 231 & 245
All for one low price of $3 – buy any one pattern and say which – any or all of these other patterns; and you can have any you ask for.


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No pictures today – but some unhappy words from WonkyZebra.

No pictures today- but some unhappy words from WonkyZebra.

We have recently had several people using images provided by this blog to sell the patterns in their own shop. Whilst this is very flattering it is a bit frustrating to see someone else benefit from my efforts – without so much as a please or thank you – let alone any credit.

I am not referring to bloggers, students, and fellow enthusiasts using the images for happy purposes-more about that below.

Some images here are just good clear scans – but some are very intensively retouched and represent lots of time spent on them; plus all the words are my own. If I could I would provide all this free – I love to share my pattern collection, but – WonkyZebras have expenses like everyone else!

I do give away free patterns matching those bought in type and amounts –with all my sales; as well as advice and help – with lots of emailing and even making of samples.

However recently I have been subject to some extremely unpleasant experiences with buyers on Etsy – buying in the Etsy shop and then reselling the patterns on Etsy, Craftsy and Ebay using my words, images and hard work!.

This is bad enough – but the amazing aggression of the last, evil, person (persons?) once she was caught out and denied 20 patterns… you – seriously – would not believe. Had we lived nearby I would have been frightened she would turn up on the doorstep, loaded for bear! It was weird – like calling a policeman to complain a householder had prevented you from breaking in! And –by the way- would he give you the cash to recompense for the items you were unable to steal!

Having spent the last couple of weeks wading through all this filth and jumping through the Etsy and Paypal  hoops generated by her disputes, claims, and cases (that sounds like the assault course it felt like) I am now – belatedly- putting the logo on the images – so I feel that they will perhaps use their own images instead, now mine will require work anyway to remove the logo.

If any genuine person would like to use any images – link to – write about –research …  any pattern, then just contact me and I will happily help. I have all the originals to refer to – and many, many more besides. Already a few blogs, magazines and students have used them – so do ask away. I just, regretfully, no longer wish to be a sitting duck for these scammers, who are beneath contempt.

I would urge anyone considering purchase of any duplicate to one in my shop to ask me for the name of the rogues; there are many other genuine collector / sellers, many of whom I am in contact with, who have the same patterns. Buy away from them as you like – but please make sure you do not support the aggressive, shameless scammers.


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10 more

10 more

(a couple of which have not yet been listed for sale anywhere; do contact us if specifically looking for them… )


WonkyZebra 291 Granny Square Poncho Skirt

WonkyZebra 291 Granny Square Poncho Skirt

A knitting pattern for a great retro item – the good old poncho / skirt thing!
1970s vintage pattern – emailed as a PDF.

A great addition to any wardrobe… and also a good pattern for an afghan blanket –
[ but in that case do make one with out the useful hole in the middle to avoid drafts ! ]

Approx 56inches/142cm square

WonkyZebra has other similar items here:-

WonkyZebra 292 Yellow Cap

WonkyZebra 292 Yellow Cap

A vintage 1970s crochet pattern for a fab retro baker boy cap.


We have other hat and cap patterns too; including 155,194.


WonkyZebra 293 Three Tea Cosies Copleys 845

WonkyZebra 293 Three Tea Cosies Copleys 845

Vintage PDF Patterns for 3 easy tea cosies; 2 crocheted, 1 knitted.

Just the thing for a mini project or gift.

Each takes 2-3 oz, [very approx 50g]; some embroidery wool is also needed to complete the decorations.

The little crocheted cottage would make a sweet play item as well, either with a base or as a hidey hole for small toys.

if you like this you may also like our other toys and tea cosies



WonkyZebra 294 Petula Clark Leprechaun

WonkyZebra 294 Petula Clark Leprechaun

A knitting pattern for a mini dress- the classic original version from the 60s.


WonkyZebra 295 Starsky Jacket 2566

WonkyZebra 295 Starsky Jacket 2566

A PDF knitting vintage pattern for a 1970s, Starsky and Hutch style, man’s jacket.

Very stylish! He looks like he is enjoying his night out, acting like a celebrity.. LOL

However the actual construction of this is very good and can be worn by ladies, as well as action men, who are wanting to keep warm with seventies panache!

There is a neat raglan sleeve shape and great rib border- and of course the optional classic pattern detail.

Please note THERE IS NO CHART for the intarsia ( or actually more like a Fairisle , stranded, technique).


The patterns are optional anyway.

WonkyZebra 296 High Waist Dress 5299

WonkyZebra 296 High Waist Dress 5299

A PDF of a vintage 1960s pattern for a gorgeous vintage crochet dress. A late sixties style – with the high waisted “dolly girl” look- and very feminine details.

Beautiful but not too “over-the-top” with 2 flounces (or frills, if you must!) to the sleeves and hemline- and colourful stripes. This makes it a really fun party dress- great for festivals or holidays; but worked in one colour without the sleeve frills it would be very nice for day wear too! Kind of grown up cheerleader effect!

It would be easy to use the pattern as a skirt OR as a top because it is worked from the waistline.

If you like this, do look at our other dolly dresses;
Crocheted 005, 009, 078, 158, 252, 255, 261,277
Knitted 052, 053, 288

WonkyZebra 297 Mother Daughter Dresses 706

WonkyZebra 297 Mother Daughter Dresses 706

A PDF of a vintage 1970s crochet pattern for a classic a line dress; in both child and adult sizes.

The dress has a firm stitch empire line bodice and an absolutely gorgeous chunky lace body.

The lace is made in an easy row pattern with bands of plain crochet; and the high neckline is also edged in the same stitch.

Short and long sleeved options. Unfortunately the pictures are incredibly badly cropped (by the original photographer, who went for art not clarity.. ) but the sleeves are worked in plain treble (US double crochet) with the lace band at the bottom.

It would easily make into a sleeveless version, or as a tunic over trousers.

The dress is worked from the hem up, and although no mention is made, it is shown lined as the lace is fairly open.

Pattern comes with pictorial ‘how to crochet’ on the last page, and with the huge size range is a great value addition to your collection.


WonkyZebra 298 Crochet Suit 1581

WonkyZebra 298 Crochet Suit 1581

A PDF of a vintage 1960s crochet pattern for a delightful sexy little retro suit. It is made in the popular “granny square stitch” or treble –(US double) crochet groups; so super easy to do.

The cut away front edge and deep v neck on the jacket are very feminine, especially when worn alone as pictured. With a camisole or blouse underneath it would be suitable for day wear as well.

You could even make either item separately they would make a great addition to your wardrobe. The easy to wear jacket shape would be good for so many occasions, and the skirt a very sexy little number any time.

WonkyZebra 299 Rose Bedspread and Tutorial

WonkyZebra 299 Rose Bedspread and Tutorial

A crochet afghan bedspread pattern, made in a patchwork of granny squares and 3D rose motifs. This is very pretty and girly, in a traditional way.

A modern PDF of an original vintage1970s pattern.

As the pattern states- just right for daughters and grandmothers!

BUT…you could always jazz it up and work a multi coloured garden of flowers –hippy style!
I have included with the pattern some step by step tutorial pages to show how to make the rose and a primrose motif square; and can send a basic granny tutorial if you need one (just ask on purchase).

WonkyZebra has other similar items here:-


WonkyZebra 300 Winter Sweaters

WonkyZebra 300 Winter Sweaters

A knitted pattern for a fabulous retro Norwegian style ski jumper.
Vintage 1970s style, emailed as a PDF to you

Knitted in a traditional colour scheme; Red, White and Black, this is a glorious 1970’s take on the forties!

All topped off with a pompom trimmed ski cap / beanie hat, with a turn up ribbed brim.

Unisex, why not have one each – like this happy couple…

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at last another blog entry = ten more patterns

have  been v busy, and at long last finally got around to updating this little WonkyZebra’s blog..

most updating is done at http://wonkyzebra.etsy.com

baby stuff is at http://wonkyzebrababy.etsy.com

also on Zibbet, Folksy, DaWanda, Misi etc etc


WonkyZebra 281 Vintage Reindeer Sweater 1661

WonkyZebra 281 Vintage Reindeer Sweater 1661

A lovely vintage 1950s knitting pattern PDF for the winter weather and Christmas time.

This “Norwegian Sweater” is full of retro flavour and quite a simple knit with full pictorial charts for the pattern and reindeer motif.

The reindeer on its own will be great for all sorts of seasonal uses, as a patch, pin cushion or on any other knitted garment; or even for use in cross-stitch embroidery.


WonkyZebra 282 Crocheted 60s Suit 8906

WonkyZebra 282 Crocheted 60s Suit 8906

A patten for a crochet vintage 1960’s suit. Super wearable, super easy to make and very “mad men” style elegant. Emailed to you in PDF format.

The jacket or skirt would make useful wardrobe additions on their own as well. Imagine the cardigan jacket in a textured yarn and the skirt with a soft blouse for comfortable, but elegant, sixties glamour at work maybe!


WonkyZebra 283 Gauntlets 3803

WonkyZebra 283 Gauntlets 3803

A vintage 1940s knitting pattern for some really lovely gloves, or gauntlets, with deep cuffs. One pair has a beautiful flared shaped cuff with inset moss (seed) stitch ribs and one pair a frilled cuff made in simple crocheted lace (but you could of course use a knitted lace stitch).The others have an all over simple but detailed texture.

Good for showing off your knitting, ideal for period dramas or re-enacting and great for just keeping warm!

The pattern itself is a charming thing-each page has a heading with a useful admonishing statement or basic advert, such as;

“Start right by using the wool recommended!”
“Patons super crepe-stylish fabric!”
“Right wool, correct tension – success!”
“Patons super crepe – all wool, well built!”

NB. This was in a really teeny tiny font-so even enlarged to A4 it is still only about 1 0 point- although you can print to larger size on larger sheets.

WonkyZebra 284 Hostess Gown FK73

WonkyZebra 284 Hostess Gown FK73

A 1970s vintage crochet pattern PDF for a seventies long gown; or “hostess gown”.

A simple cosy long a-line shape with subtly flared sleeves, very cosy for lounging around at home in.

It is upgraded to “hostess gown” by the pretty crochet medallion embellishments (which incidentally would work into a pretty shawl or blanket).

Shell edging and tasselled zip front closure make this a seventies classic.

Personally I think the tassel is overkill with the medallions, but either would look nice.

NB this garment has a particularly nice set in sleeve construction. Just the top half, on its own, would make into a fabulous cardigan or jacket.


WonkyZebra 285 4hats 1219

WonkyZebra 285 4Hats 1219

A knitting and crochet 1970s vintage PDF pattern for four lovely vintage seventies hats (2 knit, 2 crochet) for “the average head”..

All of these are easy and quick to make – I used to make the beret in an evening.

A really useful and wearable set, made in a chunky Patons Husky – “a thick but light, knits up very quickly” wool yarn.

The tensions given are;
15 st x 20 rows to 4”(10cm) on no4 (UK)needles (x USA metric)
Beret-6st and 2rows to 2” (5cm) on hook 6.00 (metric)(4 old UK) ,( xUS)
Cap: 6 half trebles (UK) (half dc USA) stitches = 2”(5cm) on hook 5.5 (metric)(5 old UK),( xUS)


WonkyZebra 286 Black and Gold Crochet Bikinis

WonkyZebra 286 Black and Gold Crochet Bikinis

A Vintage PDF Crochet Bikini Pattern for two itsy bitsy (very) teeny weeny cotton bikinis ( and a “pouche” for sunglasses ) !

Good news for a super quick result from minimal materials for sun worshipers in a hurry- but please note that these bikinis have very minimal shaping, on both cups and bottoms.

The black one relies on gathers to shape the cups; but the gold one has NO “3D” shape at all.

Unless you are an AA cup (or really do want a very teeny look!) I would put a little shape in “for comfort and safety”.

I have explained an easy way of doing this in the pattern – which is also reformatted for easy printing and reading.


WonkyZebra 287 Orange Suit FK73

WonkyZebra 287 Orange Suit FK73

A crochet pattern PDF for a gorgeous retro skirt suit.

The front buttoned bodice and sleeves are worked as one in a lace stitch; the full sleeves, gathered into deep buttoned cuffs, echo the matching deep midriff band.

A deep, peplum or basque falls open and sits over the matching skirt.

Glorious! Feminine and flattering for all sorts of semi formal occasions..

or just make the lovely skirt!

the Etsy listing is for emailed PDF of the vintage 1970s pattern.

Thank you for this fabulous mention


WonkyZebra 288  Take It Easy Dress

WonkyZebra 288 Take It Easy Dress

A knitting pattern Vintage PDF for a cute Aran style sleeveless dress from the seventies.

This would look great shorter as a tunic over trousers (pants), or even as a tank top.

The bobble pattern is easy ( instruction given ) and very effective in a rustic-meets-space-age sort of way!

Great for cold weather layering- town or country…


WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions 2244

WonkyZebra 289 Assorted Cushions 2244

A vintage 1970s PDF of a Crochet Pattern for some lovely retro cushions; circular, granny square, circle in a square, and even just stripes!

Save yourself the trouble of working out a pattern for these simple, but effective, retro cushions!

You could finish one almost as quickly as the time it takes to decide on yarns from your stash!

If you like these you may also like these crochet cushions; 201, 247, 249 and some afghan blankets 195, 190, 224, 234, 262, 257, 140 & 144.

WonkyZebra 290 Trousers Mini Dress 31

WonkyZebra 290 Trousers Mini Dress 31

A PDF crochet vintage 1970s pattern for a stunning tunic and trousers- or pantsuit from the sixties.

This gorgeous tunic would look great over any trousers or pants; it really could go to work, out afterwards, and be worn casually over the weekend… great for any busy girl!

The trousers are a good shape and also very wearable.

Go on – you know you want this in your wardrobe!

Easy and quite quick –it is mainly basic treble (US double) crochet; the lace is worked down from the main garment-so easy to adjust.

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